Roux Project —A Kuala Lumpur based fashion brand

RouxProject was founded in 2020, designed by Manroux. RouxProject is a luxury fashion label that blends between luxury and streetwear attire. 

Our mission is to create garment pieces with streetwear aesthetics and design without compromising on quality. Build our garments to adapt with the generation for contemporary fashion and timeless elegance fashion.

Combining high-quality materials and unique design is our prioritize in every aspect of production. 

Develop locally, Deploy Globally. 




Material and Production

We always choose high-quality materials and invest in premium craftmanship to ensure quality of our products.

Our mission is to create the greatest garment-brand around the world.

A big part of these fabrics are sourced from Australia and put together in Indonesia.

Designed in Malaysia, Made in Indonesia.

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